Monday, April 9, 2018

Homework April 9-13
There is a spelling test on Friday.*
There is a reading test on Friday.*

Math- Complete pages 545-546.
Religion- Think about how Jesus answers our needs and hungers.
ELA- Write your spelling words one time each.

Math- Complete pages 551-552.
Religion- Tell somebody that you are learning about the Eucharist!
ELA- Write your spelling words two times each.

Math- Complete pages 557-558.
Religion- Tell somebody who can lead the celebration of the Eucharist.
ELA- Read your spelling words to somebody.

Math- Complete pages 563-564.
Religion- Tell somebody which Sacraments are needed before receiving First Communion.
ELA- Study for your spelling test.

Read this sentence in your head and then out loud!

Spelling Words
1. put
2. push
3. pull
4. full
5. cook
6. stood
7. shook
8. brook
9. book
10. hood
11. wood
12. July

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