Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Homework April 23-27
There is a spelling test on Friday.*
There is a reading test on Friday.*

There is no homework tonight.

Math- Complete pages 619-620.
Religion- Say a prayer on your own.
ELA- Write your spelling words one time each. Please get your test folder items signed.

*Field trip forms are due tomorrow.*

Math- Complete pages 625-626.
Religion- Practice saying a Hail Mary.
ELA- Write your spelling words in cursive

Math- Complete pages. 643-644.
Religion- Pray an Our Father.
ELA- Write your spelling words in alphabetical order and read them to somebody.

Give somebody a thumbs up!

Spelling Test

  1. downstairs
  2. boyhood
  3. football
  4. oatmeal
  5. cowboy
  6. soybean
  7. houseboat
  8. roadway
  9. railroad
  10. outplay
  11. rainbow
  12. daydream

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