Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Homework February 5-9
There are no tests this week.

There was no homework.

Math- Complete pages 395-396.
Religion- Tell somebody what you are offering up for Lent.  Ask your parents to sign your permission slip.
ELA- Write your spelling words in alphabetical order.

Math- Complete pages 401-402.
Religion- Pray for a safe Eagles parade in Philadelphia.  Ask God to help people make good choices.
ELA-Read your spelling words to somebody, and underline both sections of the compound word.

There is no homework today.

Tell somebody your favorite animal.

Spelling Words

1. riverbank
2. basketball
3. driveway
4. weekend
5. bedtime
6. backyard
7. something
8. someone
9. raindrop
10. bathtub
12. mailbox

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