Monday, February 26, 2018

Homework February 26-March 2
There is a reading test on Friday.*
There is a spelling test on Friday.*

Math- Complete pages 471-472.
ELA- Write each spelling word one time.
Religion- Ask God to protect all people.

Math- Complete pages 477-478.  Please have your test folder items signed.
ELA- Write each spelling word in alphabetical order.  Please have your test folder items signed.
Religion- Say a prayer that God helps you remember important stories from this chapter.  Please have your test folder items signed.

Math- Complete pages 483-484.
ELA- Choose 5 words to write in sentences.
Religion- Tell somebody about the Bible story from today.

Math- Complete pages 489-490.
ELA- Study your spelling words for the test tomorrow.
Religion- Tell somebody at home about the three readings we hear at Sunday Mass.

Say "cheese" and smile at somebody.

Spelling Words
1. sooner
2. soonest
3. hotter
4. hottest
5. busier
6. busiest
7. happier
8. happiest
9. smaller
10. smallest
11. fatter
12. fattest

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