Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Homework February 20-23
There is a reading test this week*
There is a quiz about Lent this week.*
We will finish the Chapter 6 math test this week.*

Monday-There was no school.

Math- Complete pages 437-438.
Religion- Say a special prayer asking God to help you with your sacrifice for Lent.
ELA- Write each spelling word one time each.

Math- Complete pages 443-444.
Religion- Review pages 332-335.
ELA- Write each spelling word in alphabetical order.

Math- Complete pages 449-450.  We will finish our Chapter 6 math test tomorrow.
Religion- Review pages 336-339.
ELA- Read your spelling words to somebody.

Try spelling and reading your name backwards!

Spelling Words
1. find
2. child
3. wild
4. blind
5. sky
6. Cry
7. fly
8. myself
9. bright
10. right
11. flight
12. spider

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