Monday, January 22, 2018

Homework January 22-26
There is a reading test this week.*

Math- Complete pages 357-358.
ELA- This week we are writing letters.  Choose somebody that you want to send a letter.
Religion- Practice for confession.

Math- Complete pages 363-364.
ELA- Bring in the address for the person to whom you are writing a letter.  Remember to get your test folder items signed.
Religion- Practice for confession.

Math- Complete pages 369-370.
ELA- Read your rough copy to somebody at home.
Religion- Practice for confession.

Math- Complete pages 375-376.
ELA- Send your letter in the mail!
Religion- Practice for confession.

Practice for confession.

Go to confession.  Our class should arrive in the church at 11:45 to prepare their hearts for a 12:00 confession.  Students should sit at the end of a pew with their family.

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