Monday, November 6, 2017

Homework November 6-10
Religion Test on Wednesday*
Spelling Test on Friday*

Math- Complete pages 179-180.  Today we learned a new concept.  I highly recommend viewing a math video on Youtube before you start the homework.  Ask your parent's to help you find the link on Blogger.

ELA- Write your spelling words one time each.

Religion- Pray for our country.

Math- Complete pages 185-186.

ELA- Write your spelling words in alphabetical order.

Religion- Review chapter for test tomorrow.

Math- Complete pages 191-192.

ELA- Choose 6 spelling words and write sentences.

Religion- Pray for a safe field trip tomorrow.

Math- Practice your doubles facts.

ELA- Study for your spelling test.

Religion- Say a prayer of thanks for our chaperones.

Ask your parents if you can help out with something around your home.

Spelling Words

  1. haven't 
  2. it's
  3. he's
  4. I'm
  5. didn't
  6. who's
  7. she's
  8. can't
  9. isn't
  10. aren't
  11. hadn't
  12. I'll
                        Class Trip Info
                 Thursday, November 9th

1.  Wear gym uniform.

2.  You must wear a full sock as they are required
     for certain attractions.

3.  Unfortunately, the LegoLand lunch program is
     not up and running yet, so we will eat a late
     lunch upon returning to school (~1:30).  However,
     we will make sure bellies are full!

       - Eat a good breakfast!!
       - We will have pretzels and snacks before
         boarding the bus.
       - Each student will receive $3.00 to purchase a
         snack ~ 11:30 (prepaid).
       - We will have “emergency” snacks for the bus
         ride back, should we need it. 

 4.  Yes, there is a gift shop.  However, we are not
      advocating it.  It may be very expensive and there
      may not be time to shop.  Enjoying the many
      activities is our main purpose!! 

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