Monday, November 27, 2017

Homework November 27-December 1
Math Test Wednesday*
Reading Test Friday*
Spelling Test Friday*

Math- Complete your math worksheet.
ELA- Write your spelling words one time each.
Religion- Bring home your confession paper to practice.

Math- Study for your math test.
ELA- Write your spelling words in alphabetical order.
Religion- Tell somebody that Advent starts this Sunday, December 3rd.

Math- There is no math homework tonight.
ELA- Choose 5 spelling words to write in sentences.
Religion- Hang your "good deed" chart somewhere at home.

Math- Complete pages 241-242.
ELA- Study for you spelling test.
Religion-Show your family your Advent prayer book.

Tell a joke to somebody!

Spelling Words

  1. note
  2. notes
  3. lunch
  4. lunches
  5. story
  6. stories
  7. tune
  8. tunes
  9. switch
  10. switches
  11. baby
  12. babies

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