Monday, November 13, 2017

Homework November 13-17

Reading Test Friday*
Spelling Test Friday*

Math- Complete pages 197-198.
ELA- Write spelling words one time each.
Religion- Pray for your own special intention.

Math- Complete pages 203-204.  Get your math test signed.
ELA- Write spelling words in alphabetical order.  Get your spelling test signed.
Religion- Read and discuss pages 98-99 with somebody.

Math- Complete pages 209-210.
ELA- Choose 6 spelling words to write in sentences.  Get your Desert Writing and Unit 1 Test signed.
Religion- Ask God to help your forgive people.

Math- Complete pages 215-216.
ELA- Study your spelling words for the test tomorrow.
Religion- Ask God to help other people forgive you.

Try saying the alphabet backwards!

Spelling Words

  1. her
  2. serve
  3. person
  4. curb
  5. curl
  6. turn
  7. turtle
  8. nurse
  9. purse
  10. dirt
  11. birth
  12. skirt

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