Monday, October 9, 2017

Homework October 9-13
Reading Test on Friday*
Spelling Test on Friday*
Important information for our field trip will be sent home on Tuesday.

Math- Complete pages 103-104.
Religion- Say a prayer for real-life heroes.
ELA- Write spelling words one time in spelling journal.

Math- Complete pages 109-110.
Religion- Read and discuss pages 52-53 with somebody.
ELA- Write spelling words in alphabetical order in spelling journal.  Underline the consonant digraphs in each word.  (The consonant digraph is 2 or 3 consonants that make 1 sound.  An example is the “th” in math.)

Math- Complete pages 115-116.
Religion- What does it mean to be good and holy?  Discuss this with a family member.
ELA- Choose 5 spelling words to write in sentences.

Math- Complete pages 121-122.
Religion- Pray for our new parish priest Father Dunleavy.
ELA- Study spelling words for test tomorrow.  Re-read The Strongest One for test tomorrow.

High-five somebody after school.

Spelling Words
1. bunch
2. math
3. that
4. them
5. wish
6. shape
7. patch
8. whale
9. when
10. itch
11. what
12. chase

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