Monday, October 2, 2017

Homework October 2-6
Religion Test on Thursday*
Spelling Test on Thursday*

Math- Complete pages 79-80.  Get your math test signed.
Religion- Who are your godparents?  Ask your parents, and pray for them.
ELA- Write spelling words one time in spelling journal.  Get your spelling and reading test signed.

Math- Complete pages 85-86.
Religion- Review pages 39-48 and page 74 for test on Thursday.
ELA- Write spelling words in alphabetical order in spelling journal.

Math- Complete pages 91-92.
Religion- Review pages 39-48 and page 74 for test tomorrow.
ELA- Choose 5 spelling words to write in sentences.

Math- Complete pages 97-98.
Religion- Pray for our country.
ELA- Practice your spelling words for test tomorrow.

Look at the moon!

Spelling Words

1. talked
2. talking
3. lifted
4. lifting
5. dropped
6. dropping
7. hugged
8. hugging
9. excited
10. exciting
11. smile
12. smiling

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