Monday, September 11, 2017

Homework September 11-15
Spelling Test on Friday*
Reading Test on Friday*

Math- Complete pages 17-18.
Religion- Say a prayer for victims of 9/11 and all people in our neighborhood community.
ELA-Write spelling words one time in spelling notebook.
Spelling books were NOT sent home today.  Students can copy their spelling words on a paper from home, which I will staple into their spelling books tomorrow.*

Math- Complete pages 23-24.
Religion- Read pages 28-29.
ELA- Write spelling words in alphabetical order in spelling notebook.

Math- Complete pages 29-30.
Religion- Read pages 30-31.
ELA- Choose 5 spelling words and write words in a sentence.

Math- Complete pages 31-32.
Religion- Ask your parents how they have made somebody feel welcome.
ELA- Practice your spelling words for the spelling test tomorrow.

-Play outside and hug your family this weekend.

Spelling Words

  1. drum
  2. rock
  3. list
  4. desk
  5. job
  6. sad
  7. chop
  8. sack
  9. tag
  10. rib
  11. mess
  12. dust

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