Monday, September 25, 2017

Homework September 25-29
Math Test on Wednesday*
Spelling Test on Friday*
Reading Test on Friday*

Math- Complete pages 65-66.
Religion- Please have your parents sign your religion test.
ELA-Write spelling words one time in spelling notebook.  Please have your parents sign your spelling test.

Math- Study pages 67-70 for test on Wednesday.
Religion- Read pages 40-41.
ELA- Write spelling words in alphabetical order in spelling notebook.

Math- There is no math homework.
Religion- Read pages 42-43.
ELA- Choose 5 spelling words and write words in a sentence.

Math- There is no math homework.
Religion- Pray for your family.
ELA- Practice your spelling words for the spelling test tomorrow.  Review Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night for test tomorrow.

-Sing a song when you get home!

Spelling Words

  1. stop
  2. strap
  3. nest
  4. hand
  5. brave
  6. ask
  7. clip
  8. stream
  9. mask
  10. twin
  11. breeze
  12. state

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